Hi. I'm Bernadette.

I’m really good at capturing moments, that’s what I do!

As a content creator I listen wholeheartedly to my clients, because the successful direction we go in starts and ends with solid communication.

As my Dad would tell you, I have the gift of gab (but not the annoying kind) I still live in my native city of Long Beach in Southern California. I grew up at the beach in a hammy down swim suit and lived off of cheese sandwiches and burritos.  My 5 siblings and I were the poor-ish kids faking it in the cool part of town - it was pretty great. (Thanks, mom and dad)

I bet I'm the only person in the country with a million dollar liability policy on a 1981 VW Vanagon I originally paid $1 for (thanks sis). The reason behind the policy is my 10+ years as a contract photographer for one of the worlds largest sea ports - Port of Long Beach.  My best and more "glamorous" gigs involve hanging out of helicopters, or dodging yard hostlers on foot in port terminals.
You’ll also find my camera bag at industry events, press conferences, and just about any other place cargo boxes are stacked. It's a hard gig to beat.
Aside from port work, you can find me working for other corporate clients in the West. Without sounding too cliche´, I believe an authentic picture is created by taking my subject into their natural environment - preferably outside where available light is the key source for creating the picture.
My outdoor lifestyle portfolio is rooted in my lifelong obsession with being active in nature.  When I'm not posted up in my office editing, it’s usually because I’m off adventuring outdoors, where my best personal snaps are captured.


Partial Client List:

Specialized Bicycles > Port of Long Beach > Long Beach City College > Pierce College > Capsule Mfg. > Girl Scouts of the USA > City of Santa Ana > CMA/CGM > SCAN Foundation > China Shipping > COSCO Shipping > >  Park Water Co > Cucamonga Valley Water District